• 30% cheaper than our competitors
  • good for adding a linker to any RNA
  • Illumina or SOLiD sequencing compatible
  • Barcoding enables massive multiplexing for economical high-throughput RNA sequencing and profiling

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  • 10 nmol final yield = 100 ligations (each adapter)
  • 100% purity by DPAGE purification
  • One week turnaround time
  • Customer satisfaction
Eight 3’-adapters were adenylated (right) and purified by denaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (DPAGE, left). Adenylation yielded a mixture of pre-adenylated 3’-adapter (top band) and unlabeled 3’-adapter (bottom band). Using DPAGE purification, unlabeled 3’-adapters were eliminated from the mixtures producing 100% pure pre-adenylated 3’-adapters (left).


We will modify adapters to your needs - length, barcode, sequence, linker, Illumina compatibility, etc.

We will modify kit to your sequencing requirements.

Adapter application


"The MultiplexDX 3'-adapters worked well in PAR-CLIP experiments to barcode and sequence different samples in the same lane. I would recommend these adapters to everyone that is going to perform the same kind of experiment."

Dr. Hasan Vatandaslar

ETH Zurich

"We have used - and continue using - custom made MultiplexDX 3'-adapters routinely for our small RNA library preparations - never fail."

Dr. Iddo  Ben-Dov

Hadassah - Hebrew University Medical Center

"The adapters are affordable and work excellent for our experiments"

Dr. Aishe Sarshad


"Mulitplex 3’-adapters have been very useful generating barcoded microRNA libraries from a large number of samples and extremely reliable in terms of their stability and compatibility with RNA ligation experiments.
We have optimized protocols developed based on those adaptors and it is extremely likely to continue using them in future."

Dr. Hani Najafi

Weill Cornell Medicine

"Highly pure product, good QC documentation, worked reliably"

Dr. Karl Hecker

Rubicon Genomics

"The 3' adapters we got from MDX worked just as well as those we intially got from IDT, but for less $$."

Dr. Andrea McCue


"We have been regularly and successfully using many MultiplexDX 3'-adapters in the last ~2 years.
Ligations work great and adapters sequences are accurate."

Dr. Daniel Benhalevy


"MultiplexDX provided us with high quality sets of adapters (both 3` and 5`) at very competitive price that perfectly fit our general and custom sequencing needs. The company provides great products with detailed documentation, and offers great degree of flexibility when it comes to design or modifications. I would be very happy to recommend their services to anyone interested in Next Generation sequencing.
The company employs expert technicians that were readily to discuss the desired product and help us with the most optimal design. The price of the products was very good, and delivery timely. We are very satisfied with our purchase from MultiplexDX."

Dr. Pavol Genzor

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases / National Institutes of Health

"Rapid, accurate, reliable, and personalized service. Highly recommended!"

Dr. Neil Renwick

Queen's University, Canada

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