MultiplexDX is one of the most innovative biotech corporations, created to bring revolutionary technologies to the market of personalized molecular diagnostics. The company has representation in both  U.S. and European markets. The U.S. site is located in close proximity to the National Institutes of Health as well as the Food and Drug Administration. The collaborators of MultiplexDX are from the world’s most prestigious scientific organizations including the National Cancer Institute, Rockefeller University, Albert Einstein University, Vanderbilt University, Cornell University, Queens University (Canada), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), and the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (Germany).

The mission of MultiplexDX is to eliminate cancer misdiagnosis by creating reliable, 100% accurate, quantitative and affordable diagnostic tests. MDX’s IP-based solutions combine visualization and sequencing technologies to quantify 7 or more cancer markers to give each diagnosis a specific “barcode,” which will indicate not only the cancer type but also the duration of personalized treatment for that cancer. As our name suggests, we also use multiplexing; cross-testing and verifying the same result from at least two independent sources. By embedding numbers into pictures and vice-versa, our diagnostics shed light on the patient’s set of cancer markers and profile, enabling oncologists to make evidence-based decisions and prescribe treatment quickly, directly and more accurately.

Based on its proprietary innovative technologies, MultiplexDX offers the following portfolio of product lines and services: RNA sequencing products (barcoded pre-adenylated 3'-adapters, small RNA library preparation kit (in development); FISH products (multi-labeled FISH probes, FullRNAlook kit); Personalized Cancer DX (unique diagnostic services using proprietary Multiplex+TM technology platform, Companion DX projects for offering strategic partnership to Biopharma companies to develop diagnostic tests based on quantification of companion biomarkers, which provide essential information for the safe and effective use of their corresponding drugs);

MultiplexDX products and services offer a variety of cost-effective, innovative and high quality solutions: the most precise sequencing analysis, the simplest and gel-free sequencing protocol, the simplest FISH protocol, the most stable and specific FISH probes, the most precise cancer profiling, the most accurate biomarker quantification. Among the company’s most ambitious plans is the development of hi-definition 3D digital pathology services using a variety of proprietary MultiplexDX technologies.


As every cancer is unique, every patient deserves a personalized diagnosis that leads to tailored, effective, and life-saving treatment. MultiplexDX is launching its next generation of revolutionary diagnostic tests, which can precisely identify and quantify cancer markers. Combining multiplex quantitative RNA fluorescence in situ hybridization (RNA FISH) and RNA sequencing (RNAseq) technologies, MultiplexDX’s biotechnical innovation unifies biomarker quantification, histology, and visualization with single-cell resolution. The unmatched complexity and accuracy of our tests (simultaneous visualization and quantification of seven or more cancer markers) will surpass the limitations of today’s diagnostic tools, and give each diagnosis a specific “barcode” for its cancer type.

MultiplexDX’s products and services will reach beyond the limits of existing visualization methods (e.g. immunohistochemistry (IHC)) and RNA based tests (e.g. RNAseq, qPCR). Conventional visualization assays lack precise quantitative data, while quantitative RNA-based molecular diagnostics miss crucial tissue morphology and localization data. Thus, MultiplexDX’s innovative cancer diagnosing technology will combine the best of these two methods, bringing together localization on a cellular level and quantitative biomarker signal.


Pavol Cekan, PhD / CEO

Pavol Cekan, PhD / CEO

Pavol is an innovative leader with over 15 years of experience at the top research and government institutions. He received his doctorate in chemistry from the University of Iceland in 2009. As a Postdoctoral Associate at Rockefeller University, Pavol developed methodology for the retention of nucleic acids in tissue sections during RNA in situ hybridization and preparation/validation of specific oligonucleotide probes and fluorescent signal amplification processes. Before founding MultiplexDX, he was working at a premier cancer research organization - National Cancer Institute (NCI) for 4 years. Pavol is a PhD trained Nucleic Acid Chemist/Biochemist focusing on modified oligonucleotide synthesis and spectroscopic analysis of nucleic acid structure/function. Pavol has 35+ scientific publications, is the inventor of 3 granted patents, and is a member of the Science Advisory Board of the Slovakian Ministry of Health. Pavol is a member of an exclusive network of CEOs called Mindshare and won several prestigious awards highlighting his business and scientific achievements.

Vladimir Wolf PhD, MBA / CBO

Vladimir Wolf, PhD, MBA / Co-founder

Vladimir has been working over 10 years in the biotechnology industry, in positions ranging from scientist to Director of Business Development. He received his PhD in molecular biology from the University of Bern. For 6 years, Vladimir was a Visiting scientist at the National Cancer Institute, USA. In 2004, he joined Trophogen as a Senior Scientist for the first time and then returned to the company in 2011 after a three year break. During his time at Trophogen, he advanced from scientist to Director of Business Development and, as such, played a pivotal role in securing licensing deals with Zoetis, the world’s largest animal health company. Before joining Trophogen for the second time, Vladimir worked as a Manufacturing scientist at the diagnostics company QIAGEN. He designed and implemented new manufacturing processes in compliance with CGMP regulations. He was also sponsored by QIAGEN to receive his MBA in Business Integration from the University of Wurzburg. Before co-founding MultiplexDX, he worked for one year at Blue Door Pharma as a Vice President. Vladimir has 20+ scientific publications.

Vladimir Wolf PhD, MBA / CBO

Peter Kilián, PhD / COO

For 7 years, Peter worked as a Biotechnology consultant at Neulogy, a market leader in providing complex consulting and incubation services to research institutes and entrepreneurs in all parts of Slovakia. Peter was also a Managing Director at BioScience Slovakia, a biotechnology company focused on development of innovative diagnostics and treatment tools in the area of cancer and virology. Peter is experienced in technology transfer, conception and implementation of projects funded by EU structural funds, topics he addressed while working as Managing Director at BioScience Slovakia. He is an EPO certified trainer in the field of intellectual property. Peter studied Biomedical physics at Comenius University in Bratislava and since 2005 holds a PhD in Physiology and Biophysics from Université de Sherbrooke in Canada.

Vladimir Wolf PhD, MBA / CBO

Zsolt Kajtor, PhD / VP of Business Development

Dr. Kajtor is a new and great addition to our business team. Zsolt graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University in Bratislava. During 20 years with pharma-multinationals, he developed a broad knowledge of EU health care systems and innovative product launches. He held several positions with increasing responsibilities and proven success in areas of sales, marketing, market access, business development and general management at Abbott Laboratories Europe
and Novartis. Zsolt implemented the launch of the world biggest drug Humira in CEE region. After joining Novartis as GM Slovakia, he strengthened R&D focus by the enlargement of internal CRO with several oncology clinical trials, including an EU research project for molecular diagnostics of diabetic retinopathy. Short-term cooperation with Oncompass Medicine Hungary resulted to new promotional campaign about value of molecular DX for oncologists. In the last 3 years he built from scratch a new Immunology division in CEE for US biotech company Celgene. He is a past president and board member of Swiss-Slovak Commercial Chamber focusing with passion on value added R&D initiatives.

Vladimir Wolf PhD, MBA / CBO

Evan Paul, PhD / Director of R&D

Evan is a dynamic biomedical scientist with over 15 years of experience conducting research in molecular biology and analytical chemistry, with an emphasis on discovering novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets. He received a dual PhD in Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience from the University of Colorado Boulder, USA, where he directed an analytical chemistry core unit to detect small molecule neurotransmitters in the brain. He also received a minor degree in Business Administration. He continued his research as a postdoc in Alon Chen’s prestigious laboratory jointly sponsored by the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich, Germany and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. There he developed protocols using next generation sequencing and in situ hybridization to quantify and visualize, respectively, microRNAs in order to identify novel biomarkers for psychiatric disorders. He has published 25+ scientific papers and book chapters in prestigious journals like Nature Neuroscience and Neuron, with the latter resulting in a patent for a novel microRNA biomarker for depression that was licensed to miCure therapeutics Ltd.