September 30, 2019

MultiplexDX expands their team

MultiplexDX has hired three new accomplished experts to their team in September 2019: Petra Lipnicka, M.Sc., VP for Strategy Development, Dr. Zsolt Kajtor, VP of Business Development and Dr. Piotr Putaj, Head of Oligonucleotide Synthesis. Let’s introduce them in this short article.

Petra Lipnicka, M.Sc. received her Master of Science degree (Ecology and Environmental Sciences) from Technical University of Zvolen in 1999. She has over 15 years of executive and management experience in European projects aimed at enhancing the R&D infrastructure in Slovakia and other R&D projects. She specializes in management of R&D, technology commercialization, tech transfer, start-ups, fundraising and science communication. She is also the architect of a national science festival with ca. 180K visitors in a single day. Petra is a former Chairwoman and CEO of Neulogy, innovation boutique consultancy (now part of Civitta Group). For many years, Petra managed and executed Neulogy‘s mission to help start-ups, companies, academic institutions and research centers to conduct world class R&D projects as well as having access to financing from both public and private sources, including seed and venture capital. She is a Chairwoman of the Board at the Slovak Organization for Research and Development Activities, an NGO supporting the research ecosystem in Slovakia.
MultiplexDX is thrilled about the new team members who are enthusiastic about their mission and committed to our team.

Dr. Zsolt Kajtor is an exceptional health care professional and passionate about helping oncological patients. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University in Bratislava. Zsolt has more than 20 years’ experience in the pharma sector with great success in the areas of sales, marketing, market access, business development and general management at Abbot Laboratories and Novartis. Moreover, he developed considerable knowledge about the whole EU health care system and innovative product launches. He worked with Oncompass Medicine Hungary to develop a new promotional campaign highlighting the value of molecular diagnostics for personalized cancer medicine. For the last 3 years, Zsolt spearheaded the establishment of a new Immunology division in the CEE region for the US biotech company, Celgene. He has a multi-cultural, open mindset and can speak 6 languages.

Piotr Putaj, PhD is a Nucleic acid Chemist. He acquired a PhD degree in Chemistry at „Laboratoire de Chimie Organométallique de Surface“ in Lyon, France. Piotr gained extensive experience working as a R&D scientist in different laboratories of organic chemistry in Prague, Czech Republic and Aachen, Germany. Later, Piotr moved back to Krakow, Poland, where he became a Research & Innovation funding expert for GAEU Consulting group. FUTURE SYNTHESIS, a biotech company founded in Poznan, hired him as a laboratory head, where he was responsible for performing oligo-synthesis on various scales with or without modifications. As a lab head, he managed a small group of technicians dealing with oligo purifications and characterization. Piotr is an ambitious young man with a growth mindset, speaking fluent English, French and Polish.

Welcome aboard!

About MultiplexDX

MultiplexDX is one of the most innovative biotech corporations, created to bring its revolutionary technologies to the market of personalized molecular diagnostics. The company has representation in both U.S. and European markets. The collaborators of MultiplexDX are from the world’s most prestigious scientific organizations including the National Cancer Institute, Rockefeller University, Albert Einstein University, Vanderbilt University, Cornell University, Queens University (Canada), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), and the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (Germany).

MultiplexDX IP-based and innovative platform merges histopathology methods, biomarker quantification, visualization and gene expression with a single-cell resolution by combining MDX proprietary visual and sequencing technologies into one diagnostic test. This cross-validation approach eliminates diagnostic errors and creates 100% precise cancer profiling for each patient which allows clinicians to suggest specific, personalized cancer treatment.

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