June 21, 2021

MultiplexDX Provided Testing at the International GLOBSEC 2021 Conference

MultiplexDX developed a mobile test unit used for accurate and fast testing with our own LAMP tests. We teamed up with the International Rescue System to create a safe, mobile, test van capable of going into the field with our LAMP tests. 

With this unit, we also provided testing of participants of the international GLOBSEC 2021 conference, which took place in June in Bratislava, Slovakia. Among other participants, this years list of speakers on GLOBSEC included the President of the Slovak Republic, Mrs. Zuzana Čapútová, the President of Croatia Mr. Zoran Milanović, or the Minister of National Defence of Canada, Mr. Harjith Sing Sajjan. 

Our newest testing unit meets the highest testing standards, as it has room for the inactivation of the sample collected by gargling, and another one for the LAMP reaction itself. Due to the risk of working with infectious material, the interior of the delivery is hermetically sealed with a SARS unit that filters and cleans the air to prevent infection or contamination. 

About MultiplexDX

MultiplexDX is one of the most innovative biotech corporations, created to bring its revolutionary technologies to the market of personalized molecular diagnostics. The company has representation in both U.S. and European markets. The collaborators of MultiplexDX are from the world’s most prestigious scientific organizations including the National Cancer Institute, Rockefeller University, Albert Einstein University, Vanderbilt University, Cornell University, Queens University (Canada), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), and the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (Germany).

MultiplexDX IP-based and innovative platform merges histopathology methods, biomarker quantification, visualization and gene expression with a single-cell resolution by combining MDX proprietary visual and sequencing technologies into one diagnostic test. This cross-validation approach eliminates diagnostic errors and creates 100% precise cancer profiling for each patient which allows clinicians to suggest specific, personalized cancer treatment.

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