• Helping oncologists and pathologists to provide more accurate diagnosis
  • Comprehensive molecular profiling of 20 000+ protein coding and non-coding genes
  • Multiplex8+ analyzes formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded (FFPE) cancer biopsies and resected tissues
  • Can be used as a 2nd opinion or to identify actionable targets in patients not responding to treatment and patients experiencing a relapse
  • Timely results

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Technology description:

The Multiplex8+ approach combines two independent quantitative technologies, RNA-based visualization, and sequencing technologies, which assess the expression level of multiple breast cancer biomarkers and allow cross-validation, thus eliminating diagnostic errors. This helps to achieve a significantly higher level of specificity and accuracy in cancer typing and profiling.

The team of MultiplexDX developed a breakthrough diagnostic test for breast cancer, which will help oncologists to set up a personalized cancer treatment plan. Multiplex8+ provides clinically actionable results enabling doctors to make data-driven decisions while navigating cancer treatment guidelines. This gives patients hope for more effective treatment, better quality of life, and reduced risk of recurrence.

Brief description:

Physicians will receive a personalized report that provides a guide for a tailored treatment plan containing:

  • Clinical parameters
  • Prognostic signatures
  • Molecular subtyping
  • Predictive treatment signatures
  • Cancer hallmark signatures
  • Key biomarker gene expression

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Massive retrospective clinical validation

The company validated its innovative technology in a large-scale retrospective validation on 1000+ tumor tissues. The study was partially funded by a 2020 European EIC Accelerator grant, which was awarded to MultiplexDX in 2020 as the first Slovak company to receive the prestigious grant. The awarding of the grant was preceded by a strict evaluation of excellence by a panel of international independent experts.


MultiplexDX, s.r.o. declares that the Multiplex8+ test is only manufactured and used in MultiplexDX, s.r.o. and meet the applicable general safety and performance requirements (GSPR) of the in vitro diagnostic medical devices Regulation (EU 2017/746).


Testimonial of the Cooperation with the Oncology Institute in Kosice

Východoslovenský onkologický ústav, as an esteemed oncology institute committed to delivering comprehensive care to our patients, we recognize the crucial role played by accurate diagnostic tests in determining the course of treatment and improving our patients’ outcomes. MultiplexDX’s dedication to excellence in breast cancer research and diagnostics has left a lasting impact on both our patient, her family, and our institution.

MultiplexDX demonstrated exceptional expertise, utilizing their novel diagnostic technology and techniques to facilitate the precise diagnosis. The accuracy of Multiplex8+ test results were truly remarkable. MultiplexDX provided a personalized biomarker profile and found our patient’s tumor had high expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and a gene signature for angiogenesis that predicted the patient may benefit from Avastin, a drug that targets VEGF. This allowed us to swiftly re-design a tailored treatment plan specific to the patient's needs, providing her with the best chance for successful treatment and recovery. Indeed, this drug worked remarkably well for this patient.

Moreover, the Multiplex8+ test revealed the tumor had extremely high levels of tumor-associated calcium signal transducer 2 (Trop2), a target of the recently approved antibody-drug conjugate Trodelvy, thus providing a clinically actionable result for the next line of treatment. Collaborating with MultiplexDX has not only reinforced our confidence in the accuracy of their diagnostic services but also solidified our belief in the power of our partnership.

The successful diagnosis made by MultiplexDX has played an integral role in the patient's journey towards healing and recovery. We are pleased to report that the patient has commenced treatment, and we remain hopeful for a positive outcome. We attribute a significant portion of this success to MultiplexDX's expertise and dedication to excellence.

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Testimonial/Agel Group

"The Multiplex8+ diagnostic test can help clinical oncologists decide on the usage of chemotherapy in patients where the indication for treatment is unclear. From a long-term perspective, the test should help decide on the use of drugs for the second or third line of systemic treatment (chemotherapy, biological treatment, immunotherapy) if the primary treatment fails or is ineffective. At the same time, the test might help to personalize each patient's treatment according to the exact parameters of the tumor tissue," commented on future cooperation MUDr. Ladislav Saksun is the head of the Mammary Center at Agel.

For more information, visit Lekári skupiny AGEL a vedci z MultiplexDX budú spolupracovať pri diagnostike rakoviny prsníka a efektívnej liečbe onkologických pacientok | Nemocnica AGEL Košice-Šaca


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