• The most precise diagnostic testing based on at least two cross-validated technologies for the most precise cancer profiling
  • The best price for the most precise testing (we are 75% cheaper than our competitors).
Specific barcode

The goal in modern diagnostics is to develop a reliable, accurate, cost-effective, quantitative, multiplex and rapid test, which precisely characterizes and profiles cancer. In Multiplex+, we combine visualization and sequencing methods to come up, in one single test, with a specific “barcode” of each cancer, suggesting the specific, personalized treatment and medicines to be used, but also the length of cancer therapy. In comparison of our Multiplex+ with conventional diagnostics and diagnostic technologies showing that our test scores positively in all aspects crucial for effective diagnostic test that is quantitative, cheap, rapid, adaptive, specific, multiplexed, simple, high-throughput, with preserved tissue morphology. Due to its advantages over conventional diagnostics, Multiplex+ has the greatest potential to become a very reliable and precise diagnostic tool in primary cancer diagnostics and the first choice for clinicians.

Multiplex+ Comparison to Conventional and Developing Diagnostic Technologies



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